About SCAR

Welcome to SCAR - Steel City Antweight Robots, your gateway to the thrilling world of robotic combat! We regularly host exciting live robot fighting events in Sheffield, UK, in the Antweight (150g) and Beetleweight (1.5kg) classes.


At SCAR, our mission is to organize electrifying robot combat events that unite enthusiasts from near and far. We're dedicated to providing a platform where builders can unleash their creativity, spectators can experience the excitement of robotic battles, and the robotics community can thrive.


Founded in 2022 by BattleBots veteran Gus Collier, SCAR has been a driving force in the realm of robot combat in the UK.


Inspired by the vibrant culture of innovation in Sheffield and our love for robotics, SCAR was created to bring together builders and spectators alike for unforgettable experiences in robotic combat.

Core Values:

Transparency and safety are at the heart of everything we do at SCAR. We believe in being open and honest in all our interactions, ensuring that participants and spectators alike can trust in the integrity of our events. We believe this is reflected in our bespoke rulesets.

Safety is our top priority, and we are committed to providing a secure environment where everyone can enjoy the excitement of robotic combat without compromise. SCAR has innovated in safety practices for robot combat, from our super-uprated arenas to our Lanyard Safety System.

The Future:

As SCAR continues to grow, our vision remains clear: to expand our reach, innovate our events, and inspire future generations of roboteers.